This is Mental Health Awareness Week and during these especially difficult times, it is important to be kind to others and kind to yourself. If you are struggling, there is support available. You are not alone. Click here for resources and advice on how to stay on top of your mental wellbeing whilst staying at home.

Please remember –  if you are ill, whether or not that illness is COVID, seek help.


The circulation of the hard copies of this edition of the newsletter was suspended due to the restrictions on movement and the need for great care. Now things have eased a little distribution is at last underway.
We were faced with the need to make major changes to the content and to suspend our meetings and walks programmes.  As a result we are not issuing a Programme Card as in previous years.  Events  – when we are able to hold them, will be publicised in subsequent Newsletters and through these emails.


It is very good to see how well people locally are abiding by the guidance, especially when out of doors.  It’s not as good in shops, unfortunately.  There are some early signs that sticking to the rules is having some impact on the rate of increase of the spread of the virus, which is good news.  Let’s hope it continues to be good.
We are very well served locally with the organisations and individual actions of people who are providing shopping etc services to those who have to self-isolate, it’s a credit to the community and to the shops who have switched to deliveries and/or click & collect.  Let’s hope they survive and are there for us to use afterwards, and that we don’t forget them.


The restrictions on personal contact has highlighted the difficulties that some of the Newsletter distributors have in collecting subscriptions from those who normally pay ‘on the door’. Over half of subs are paid this way, which can require multiple visits (usually in the winter months).  You could make life much easier for everyone if you paid your subscriptions by Standing Order from your bank account. The form to do so can be found at:-
If you are not sure whether you pay this way already, don’t worry just complete a form and send it in – you won’t end up paying twice!