Jubilee Kings & Queens Competition Winners

Bank Holiday Monday saw the celebration in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – the High Street closed for a hugely successful event in which The Knowle Society had a stand with a display by Tommy Godwin, 1948 Olympic medallist and Knowle resident, a Wii cycling competition, a pluck-a-duck competition and outside on two beautiful thrones a competition for young children to be dressed as the best King and Queen. The Kings & Queens competition was judged by Councillor Diana Holl-Allen.

Our two Jubilees

We celebrate Her Majesty’s 60 years of service to the nation 1952-2012 and The Knowle Society’s 50 years of service to Knowle 1962-2012.

We commend the DVD being filmed of the village celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and are pleased to make available here the booking form for that DVD.

Please note that previously an incorrect version of the poster was mounted on this website – the correct date for our Wii Cycling and Kings & Queens competitions and the visit of Tommy Godwin is Monday 4th June not Sunday as printed. We apologise for this error which therefore also crept into The Solihull News. All street displayed posters are correct.


Village Hall full for talk by Revd Canon Dr James Woodward

A packed Village Hall greeted the former Master of Temple Balsall returning to the area after three years to speak on his work at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. Understandably a large proportion of the audience was suspected of being former ‘groupies’ from Temple Balsall but the subject also held a wider interest. James’s combination of dry wit, reputation for excellence on the subject of ‘ageing’ and recent experience on the Falconer Commission on Assisted Dying, his discretion in respect of his current Royal connections, his natural expression of his Christian faith and the work of the Chapel were also a big part of the draw and his talk was very well received.

The evening was only marred by the break-in and theft of a satnav from his car parked outside the Village Hall while he was speaking to The Knowle Society.

Any Questions? – Could it have been Any Better?


A hugely successful evening and a fitting event to mark the Society’s 50th anniversary.

The BBC and Jonathan Dimbleby did us proud by producing a really enjoyable event and some lively and good natured panelists, Arden School did us proud by its kind hospitality and very creditable ‘sixth formers’ who both looked after parking and welcoming and also contributed a cracking warm-up question for the panel. Lastly we had a full house with a great audience of members and local community (including a 14 year old questionner) who entered fully into the spirit of the programme and clearly had a very special evening. So could it have been any better? We think not and hope that those of you who came and listened on the radio felt the same.

Jonathan Dimbleby and the Producer Victoria Wakely

Panelists in group photo (L to R): Mark Littlewood (Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs), Kwasi Kwarteng (Conservative MP and historian), Jonathan Dimbleby, Tristram Hunt (Historian and Labour MP), Caroline Lucas (Green Party leader and MP).

The full and expectant audience of 400 in Arden Academy’s main hall.

Photos – courtesy www.aboutb93.net

Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in February 2012

1. A meeting was expected shortly in which Kimberley Developments will explain to the Society’s Planning committee representatives what steps it is taking in response to the objections raised by the Society to its latest planning application for a Waitrose store et.al.

2. Yorkshire Tea was reported to have made a generous donation of teabags and decorative paraphernalia for use in the Village Tea Party to be held in celebration of the Society’s Golden Jubilee on 5th May.

3. Any Questions? – This event has been oversubscribed, the name of the fourth panellist has yet to be announced. All arrangements with Arden Academy are now in hand for this prestigious event.

4. AGM – Gary Masters announced that he will be retiring at this AGM and therefore there will be a further vacancy for a Trustee Director. The name of a possible new nominee was discussed. It was agreed to continue with previous practice and have a tea/coffee break after the formal business.

5. The two councillors present provided updates on the Solihull Local Plan (the final version to be submitted for approval by the Secretary of State is out for discussion – the Society will be making a submission on the intended advancing of plans to build housing in Four Ashes, Hampton Road and Grove Road); the removal of protection of the Relief Road Line (aka the by-pass land) [*see further detail below]; the Royal British Legion building will be used again for a polling station instead of Arden School; an area of the Borough (not Knowle) will try reducing street lighting hours on an experimental basis; the Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC) will be brought out of mothballs for consideration of the Kimberley/Waitrose planning application – SMBC decision on this application is expected in late March; a free parking period in Borough car parks will continue – the hours are subject to further discussion; Tilehouse Green Lane is due to be resurfaced in the Spring.

6. No 8 Wilsons Road (the last one in residential use in that block) has been approved for conversion to office use.

7. Copies of a report on an aircraft noise monitoring exercise in Knowle were circulated; the Society is pressing for further clarification on the data about flights made at the extreme edge of the allowed corridor where these pass closest to Knowle.

8. Planting of a tree, possibly in Jobs Close (Knowle) Park in commemoration of the Society’s Jubilee was discussed. Details of the Streamside Trust (land by Wychwood Avenue) were explained by one of the local councillors and the Society expressed its continued interest in being able to contribute to the future trusteeship/management of that land.

9, A very successful guided tour of Knowle for a local cub pack was reported. It was recognised that this sort of activity was important if youngsters were to be encouraged to take a future interest in civic matters; the Society being keen to develop a youth interest within its structure.

10. A new committee of the Trustee board was under consideration that would combine the current one-man-bands of publicity, membership, newsletter, distribution and the website.

11. A member had expressed an interest in moving forward the Knowle Green Community Project (the old toilet block) and the Society would be meeting with him to explore his interest.

[* Reasons given for removal of protection on Relief Road Line were: a) The Highways Agency says that it is no longer needed as the M40/M42 have proved to be effective in carrying traffic away from Knowle, b) a by-pass might prevent people from coming into Knowle to shop, c) the route would cut right between residential areas and cut them off from the village centre and d) a by-pass wouldn’t actually be put on that line today anyway.]