Free public talk at Knowle Village Hall, all welcome, ‘bring a friend’!
Monday 16 September 2019

Kath Reynolds is keen on reminiscence and, as a former librarian, has an eye for detail. She has spent a great many years of collecting stories, memories and musings and her talks reflect this.

For her hour in the Village Hall next Monday, she will concentrate on food memories. The nation’s diet has changed markedly over our lifetimes, firstly with the availability of the refrigerator and the freezer, then with the advent of the ready meal and, of course, with the eventual arrival of almost unheard of modern favourites such Pad Thai and Fajitas.

Kath, though, will be turning her back on modern dishes and winding back the clock through the decades to remind us of brands we loved, and a few we might have hated. As she reviews the impact of early convenience food, she will feature some that are long lost and some that still limp along with vastly diminished sales, as well as once familiar packaging from the corner stores of yesteryear.

From Nesquik to Angel Delight to Chianti (but always in a basket) Kath will rekindle your memories of shopping and cooking half a century past.

All welcome, as ever at our talks, at 8pm on Monday 16th.

Vote on the best start time for the monthly talks.

The society is reviewing the start time of our monthly talks at the village hall. The current start time is 8pm. If there is a consensus for an earlier start at 7.30pm, then the society will consider making the change.

The vote is now closed.

Results :

7.30pm Start.       39 votes

8.00pm Start.       10 votes

The society will therefore start future talks at 7.30pm from a date yet to be decided.



Shipwrecked in Antarctica !


Georgie Hale from Coventry, will tell the tale of her and her husband’s experience whilst being two of 154 passengers and crew on the MV Explorer when it sank in Antarctic waters after it (according to an official report) was driven too fast towards a “wall of ice” by an “inexperienced and overconfident” captain.
Come and hear how they survived this frightening experience.


Whilst our friends across the pond are letting off their fireworks and waving their stars and stripes on Thursday this week, we in the UK will be marking our tenth annual Independents Day.

Yes, July 4th was earmarked in 2010 as the day to celebrate and support independent traders, retailers and other businesses and has grown in prominence ever since.

This year, as (largely) Knowle residents we have a growing concern about the future strength of our High Street in the wake of more closures and are recognising the importance of our independent shops and restaurants etc in keeping the economic centre of our village as a thriving place with a distinct character.

So, why not make a special point of supporting Knowle’s independent businesses on Thursday. Whether to get a couple of steaks,  meet your DIY requirements, buy a gift and a card, treat your pet or relax over a coffee and/or something to eat.  Our independent outlets have it all.

And then, think for the future, what opportunities are there for you to give more regular support to the businesses we want to continue succeeding at the heart of our village for years to come.

Meanwhile, social media buffs can follow the Independents Day action using the local, Solihull, and national hashtags – #ShopLocalSolihull and #ukindieday.