Competition – Knowle As I See It

What do you like and dislike about Knowle?

A Photo Competition for ages 11-19 – win a copy of Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3. We would like to know what you think is good and not so good about Knowle – let your eyes and bright ideas tell us what a young person thinks about the Knowle in which you live. Mobile phone images are welcome!

Submit two photos that you have taken of Knowle – one showing what you like about Knowle and one showing what you dislike about Knowle. Help to shape the community for the better and have some fun as well. See the attachment for the full competition rules. If you are an adult reading this, why not encourage young people you know to have a go.

The Knowle Society – photo competition rules


Village Plan gets a leader

The Chairman of The Knowle Society, Peter Ewin, announced today that Andrew Marston (pictured) will take the lead in developing a possible Village Plan for Knowle. The Society recently sought a volunteer from within the community to lead this important development and is pleased to receive this offer from someone so well qualified to get the ball rolling.

I am delighted to be able to inform members and others that Andrew Marston, our secretary and member of the planning committee, has volunteered to progress matters as leader on the projected Village Plan. That means that for the time being he will liaise with the Council and assess what exactly the Plan should cover. I must emphasise that the Plan when and if completed will ‘belong’ to the village although Knowle Society seems the appropriate organisation to start the ball rolling.

Andrew will need help from as many other well qualified and enthusiastic people as possible and volunteers from members and non-members of the Society are urgently requested to come forward. Andrew has said that should somebody else come forward with the drive and knowledge to ‘lead the team’ he would in principle be happy to hand over to that person but will continue for as long as needed. I think we should all be grateful to Andrew in volunteering for this essential task.

Winners announced for children’s photo competition

Three Knowle youngsters were celebrating their knowledge of their village as they collected 25 pound gift vouchers as joint winners of the Knowle Society Local History team’s Photo Competition.

Seven year old William Pearse, eight year old Harry Boddington and ten year old Ben Merrell all correctly identified ten photographs of historic details to be discovered along and around the High Street.

The competition was launched at the recent Festival in Knowle Park and it set a host of primary school children sleuthing in the area to find the subjects of the pictures.

Delighted with their success, the winning trio of artefact spotters went to the Local History Centre in the Library to be presented with their vouchers by Knowle Society Chair, Peter Ewin, and be congratulated by competition co-ordinator and Chair of the Local History team, Janet Erzen.

Peter was delighted with the success of the competition. He said: ‘We were delighted to sponsor this competition. Our aim was to get primary school children to look at the village with new eyes and find out a little about its heritage and history, and we have been extremely pleased at the outcome.’

Winners, L to R: Harry Boddington, William Pearse and Ben Merrell.

Public Meeting about Safe Routes To School at Knowle

The Knowle Society is delighted to announce that SMBC has agreed to work with the Society in holding a public meeting about the controversial Safe Routes To School proposal for Arden School. This is to be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 16th July [NOT 19th June as earlier notified] in Knowle Village Hall. Exhibition available from 6.30pm.

All points of view will be considered in the questions, however it would be a great help to the Chairman if you were able to outline in advance the nature/import (not the full content) of your question or the point you wish to make. This is not an obligation but in practice your point would be more likely to be given airtime if there are a lot of people wishing to speak. Please email the meeting chairman at – the chairman of the meeting who has been agreed by both SMBC and The Knowle Society, will be Dave Pinwell, CEO of Solihull SUSTAiN and a Trustee Director of The Knowle Society.

Safe Routes to School – An update on The Knowle Society’s understanding and views

Discussion continues in the local press and is the subject of much local conversation. This update expresses the view held by The Knowle Society on the proposals as laid out in the public exhibition in Knowle Library – it is of course subject to the actual official plans and survey to be presented by the Council following the public consultation.

The proposals to alter Station Road, St Lawrence Close and Knowle Park are causing much debate at present and a review of the proposals follows.

At present the School has an excellent safety record and the scheme is not being proposed in order to reduce accidents, rather it is to encourage more students to cycle to school. However 80% plus already walk to School and it is generally agreed that any child who decides to cycle, will be from the group who at present walk.

In brief the proposals are:

Station Road – Road humps at existing school crossing and Lodge road, in addition a cycle/pedestrian crossing point across the end of St Lawrence Close.

The footpath on Station Road, from the school crossing to St Lawrence Close and down one side of St Lawrence Close, to be widened and open to both pedestrians and cyclists at the same time.

Although the alterations are aimed at school children, in order to allow mixed pedestrians/cyclists on the same footpath, it would also be open to anyone else to cycle on the footpath.

A 20-mph speed limit to be in operation from 8.00am-9.00am and 3.00pm-4.00pm along part of Station Road.

Knowle Park – The proposal is that path widening is also carried out in Knowle Park with the same allowance for pedestrians and cyclists mixing at all times. One of the primary concerns of The Knowle Society is the impact on elderly people who use the park from the adjacent nursing home and the many other parents and young children who use it for recreation and a route to the primary school.

Because only children who travel to school via St Lawrence Close would benefit from the scheme, it is not possible to judge just how many would take part. Other areas such as Dorridge and Bentley Heath etc. would not be covered.

Finally the finance to carry out the work is in the region of 200,000 pounds and will be met by the Government and Sustrans, a cycling charity.