Pigs are flying again!

We can now confirm that this popular event has been re-scheduled for Saturday 3rd October. We are assured that precautions have been taken to prevent a recurrence of the previous infection!

Pig Racing Night

The pigs were ill (not swine flu!) when they were due to run last time, so we’ve rescheduled the event for Saturday 3rd Oct. Look out for further information and a revised booking form.

Large modular school buildings directed away from the High Street

The Society is pleased to announce that following discussions it has held with Martin Murphy of Arden Academy and SMBC, the heavy escorted trucks bringing the 63 modular units for the new school building will now travel in from Warwick Road (South) into Station Road, thus avoiding the High Street and Lodge Road.

The aim has been to minimise local disruption and has had full cooperation from everyone including Eliot the contractors who will implement the plan. The work was scheduled to commence at 8am on 30th March for four days with a break for Easter and then from 7th April for four more days.

Knowle By-pass gone – Town & Village Greens coming?

Final push for Knowle Village Greens. Our applications for registration need more support to ensure they go through. If you have used any of the former By-pass land (see panel on right) and haven’t provided a questionnaire PLEASE do so now.

The Knowle Society has a project under way to register some of the sections of the former route of the Knowle By-Pass / Relief Road as ‘Greens’. The Relief Road, which has been in the long-term plans for many years has recently been abandoned by the Council, which means that the land is no longer protected from development.

There are three sections which are currently used by Knowle residents as open space for recreation. In order to protect them from development and to preserve them as open space we have applied for registration of these sections as ‘Greens’. While we have provided a reasonable amount of evidence of recreational use of the land by residents, we are keen to increase this and, especially, to provide evidence from further afield in the village.

The sections are:-
AREA ‘A’ – from the Wychwood roundabout to the rear of Longdon Road;
AREA ‘C’ – the Nature Reserve in the park, between the stream and the Landor Rd estate;
AREA ‘D’ – the extension to the park between Starbold Crescent and St Lawrence Close.

While we are keen to get more evidence of use of Areas C & D; Area A needs the most support. If you are able to say that you used any of these areas at any time in the past 20 years would you please complete a questionnaire for us?

The form and guidance notes for completing it may be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the item on ‘Saving our Green Spaces’ in the right hand panel of the home page.