Analysing the public’s response forms on the Kimberley planning applications

We need some temporary help! Can you use your skills and a few hours of spare time to help the Society by analysing the response forms that people are completing with their comments on the latest planning application? [Help now offered!]

If you are comfortable using Microsoft Excel (or its Open Office equivalent) at a fairly basic level, we would appreciate your help through to the middle of November. An existing template is available to help along the task. We anticipate receiving around 200 forms (we already have about 100) which will continue to come in until the closing date of 11th November. Please email ‘planning’ at the usual email address if you can offer help. We look forward to hearing from you.

PS – We are pleased to say that a member has kindly come forward and offered help and is hard at work on the job! (14 Nov 2011)

Public display & meeting about Kimberley/Waitrose development plans


A new application has been made for a modified scheme to build a Waitrose food store in Knowle, together with associated car parking, replacement bungalows, external alterations to the village hall and delivery access from Station Road. In order to allow residents to understand the proposals and give their views on them, The Knowle Society has arranged two public events (Read more for details).

The first will be at Knowle Village Hall between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday 3rd November. On this evening copies of the plans and supporting documents will be available for study. Members of the Society’s planning committee will be in attendance to help with interpreting the details of the plans. You will be able to submit questions and record your comments.

The second event will take place on the evening of Friday 4th November, also at the Village Hall between 7pm and 9pm. At this time you will be able to hear from the developers about their plans and to ask questions. Present will be Philip Pearce from Kimberley Ltd. the developers, Dean Guy, their architect and also a representative of Waitrose. At the end of the meeting you will be able to record your comments.

Your comments can also be made by emailing or on the Forum on this website if you would like your views to be more widely known. Locate ‘Current forum topics’ at the top right of this web page then select ‘Kimberley/Waitrose revised proposal’ and decide whether to post a comment anonymously or signed – generally speaking named comments carry slightly more weight than anonymous ones. Comments may be made by anyone, whether a member of The Knowle Society or not. They do not appear on the site immediately because they are first checked by the editor who has to weed out a far larger number of ‘spam’ comments from distant parts of the world! You can of course also make comments directly to the Council by letter or on their website.

Revised planning applications submitted by Kimberley Developments

Leighton Jones, Deputy Chairman of The Knowle Society and Chairman of its Planning Committee will now be working with his committee to study the many substantial documents included in the three planning applications submitted in connection with the proposed Waitrose store development in Knowle.

These applications may be viewed on the Solihull Council website as numbers 2011/1555 2011/1556 and 2011/1557 (the first two are for parking spaces, the third is the main foodstore application).

The Society will not be making any formal comment until these applications have been given a full and careful review by the Society’s planning committee, note taken of any comments made by members in person, by letter or on its website’s Forum and a public meeting is also held. Arrangements for the public meeting are being made and will be announced on this website as soon as details are known. Finally the Society’s Trustee Directors will review the results of all the above findings and will issue a formal statement.

Leighton Jones was quoted in the Solihull News of 7th October saying “I think I would be willing to say that the developers have made a significant improvement [over the initial application which was withdrawn] but there are still a lot of details we need to look at. We need to study the application as it’s a major application as far as Knowle is concerned.”

Revised response to LDF proposals

[Note this is now known as the Solihull Local Plan.]

Long term plans for providing additional housing within the Borough of Solihull and how this affect Knowle are covered in the Local Development Framework core strategy consultation document produced by Solihull Council. The Knowle Society has been working on its response to these proposals and the attachment here is the result of consideration of the issues.

‘Read more’ for an addendum (29 September 2011) from Leighton Jones with a list of suggested ‘Local Green Spaces’.


As mentioned in my submission of 28 September 2011, I now submit a list of locations that we would wish to register as ‘Local Green Spaces’. Further details of the locations and exact boundaries are available from Ian Simmonds, the chairman of The Knowle Society’s Natural Environment committee. His email address is and phone number 01564 778692.

The list is:-
Knowle Park
Middlefield Park
The Green outside the Guild House
St Johns Village Green
Wychwood Woods
Jobs Close Nature Reserve (3 sections)
Knowle Park Allotments
Knowle Library Knot Garden
Knowle Green (Station Road/Warwick Road)
Warwick Road Roundabout and land between Wychwood Avenue and Arden Vale Road
Route of proposed bypass
Kixley Lane recreation ground
Footpath land and ponds from Browns Lane to Pool End Close Ponds
Land from Kixley Lane going north to boundary with Grimshaw Hall (shown on the UDP map as being a Site of Importance to Nature Conservation).

Kixley Lane recreation ground is owned by The National Trust but we have no idea of who owns the last item. All other land is SMBC owned.

CORE STRATEGY RESPONSE Sep 2011 – submitted