Public Meeting on SMBC’s Local Plan Review consultation



The Knowle, Dorridge & Bentley Heath Neighbourhood Forum is holding an extraordinary meeting on 13th January at 7pm at Arden School, dedicated to discussion of the new housing development options outlined in Solihull Council’s recent Local Plan Review consultation document.

Given that a number of these options could directly affect our Neighbourhood, please do take this opportunity to learn more about what they could mean and to make your views known as part of the Forum’s response to SMBC. Please also spread the word to friends and neighbours.

A link to the agenda is attached below. It would really help if you could confirm your attendance by clicking on, just putting ‘Yes’ in the subject line and sending.

KDBH Agenda 13 Jan 2016

Waitrose proposal for Knowle “on hold”

A Waitrose spokesman has advised The Knowle Society “The well documented changes in trading patterns across the supermarket sector have impacted the viability of the planned Waitrose in Knowle and sadly it has been necessary to put our plans on hold for now whilst we continue to monitor market conditions.

Our aspiration to deliver a quality food store which will help the village continue to thrive remains the same, however we do not feel it would be fair to residents to start work without absolute confidence of when it will open.

We recognise the delay will cause some disappointment and frustration, which we share. This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we are grateful to local people for their understanding. The intention of Waitrose and the developer, Kimberley, is still to make a major investment and make a positive contribution to Knowle in the future.”

The spokesperson also kindly expressed appreciation of the time invested by The Knowle Society in the project.

Large modular school buildings directed away from the High Street

The Society is pleased to announce that following discussions it has held with Martin Murphy of Arden Academy and SMBC, the heavy escorted trucks bringing the 63 modular units for the new school building will now travel in from Warwick Road (South) into Station Road, thus avoiding the High Street and Lodge Road.

The aim has been to minimise local disruption and has had full cooperation from everyone including Eliot the contractors who will implement the plan. The work was scheduled to commence at 8am on 30th March for four days with a break for Easter and then from 7th April for four more days.