Objection to Kimberley Developments Planning Application

The Society recognises that there is a need for sympathetic enhancement of the area between the High Street and St John’s Close and that there are elements of this proposal that go some way to achieving that. However, the numerous and significant concerns that we have over the details of this application mean that we must object to it.

The Knowle Society objects to this application on the following grounds:

  • The size and scale of the store are inappropriate in relation to the Conservation Area and to the size of the site available. It is also too large having regard to the Council’s own retail evidence base which shows that capacity exists in Knowle only for a smaller store.
  • Car parking and servicing arrangements are totally inadequate leading to traffic congestion, safety concerns and amenity impacts, particularly for residents in St John’s Close.
  • The replacement bungalows would have an unacceptable level of amenity.


Public Meeting on St Johns Close redevelopment

The Society is calling a public meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 25th March at Arden School, Knowle for members and others to express their views on the proposed re-development of St. Johns Close. Meanwhile the Society is mindful of the strong views held both ways on the proposal but will not be making any statement itself until it has studied the proposal and held the public meeting. Meanwhile anyone is welcome to use the Forum facility on the Society’s website to express their views [See the Forum link on the right-hand side of the home page of the website.] The planning application may be viewed by clicking on this hyperlink SMBC Planning Applications and entering one of the following numbers: 2010/321 (the main one), 2010/322, 2010/323 & 2010/324 (three applications for the additional isolated bungalow replacements).

We would respectfully encourage those who are able to walk to the meeting to do so and thus help us in managing what promises to be a very busy event.

The leaflet distributed to homes in Knowle invites people to leave comments at a box in Knowle Library if they do not feel able to use the Forum on this website – unfortunately this facilty is not available – alternatives are being sought.

Air your views on the proposed St Johns Close redevelopment

As a contribution to the public discussion of this major new proposal we have opened up new discussion threads in our ‘Forum’ (use the link on the right of the home page).

Your comments apart from being of interest to other people browsing this site will also assist the Trustee of The Knowle Society in forming its own response to this major new proposal. All comments made are moderated first to ensure that they are not inappropriate or detrimental to the good name of the Society but it is not our intention otherwise to stifle genuine opinions. These opinions may inform whatever view the Society might take finally in responding to a possible planning application.