Arden School temporary classrooms removed

A group of temporary classrooms adjacent to Arden School on Station Road were dismantled and removed today. Planning permission had expired and their continued presence had led to irritation within the community.

Arden School has responded to concerns expressed by Council planners, councillors and especially local residents by removing these temporary classrooms a few weeks after the expiry of planning permission but before wider community agitation became significant. The community will welcome this move as nobody wants to see poor community relations with a very successful local school. The school would prefer to have continued with the use of the extra space, this being despite a recent history of strong growth of new facilities. The real issues on this matter from the perspective of the school although aired had not reached the point of widespread debate; most people however will be glad to see the law upheld and a longstanding eyesore addressed.

Objection to Kimberley Developments Planning Application

The Society recognises that there is a need for sympathetic enhancement of the area between the High Street and St John’s Close and that there are elements of this proposal that go some way to achieving that. However, the numerous and significant concerns that we have over the details of this application mean that we must object to it.

The Knowle Society objects to this application on the following grounds:

  • The size and scale of the store are inappropriate in relation to the Conservation Area and to the size of the site available. It is also too large having regard to the Council’s own retail evidence base which shows that capacity exists in Knowle only for a smaller store.
  • Car parking and servicing arrangements are totally inadequate leading to traffic congestion, safety concerns and amenity impacts, particularly for residents in St John’s Close.
  • The replacement bungalows would have an unacceptable level of amenity.