Village Plan gets a leader

The Chairman of The Knowle Society, Peter Ewin, announced today that Andrew Marston (pictured) will take the lead in developing a possible Village Plan for Knowle. The Society recently sought a volunteer from within the community to lead this important development and is pleased to receive this offer from someone so well qualified to get the ball rolling.

I am delighted to be able to inform members and others that Andrew Marston, our secretary and member of the planning committee, has volunteered to progress matters as leader on the projected Village Plan. That means that for the time being he will liaise with the Council and assess what exactly the Plan should cover. I must emphasise that the Plan when and if completed will ‘belong’ to the village although Knowle Society seems the appropriate organisation to start the ball rolling.

Andrew will need help from as many other well qualified and enthusiastic people as possible and volunteers from members and non-members of the Society are urgently requested to come forward. Andrew has said that should somebody else come forward with the drive and knowledge to ‘lead the team’ he would in principle be happy to hand over to that person but will continue for as long as needed. I think we should all be grateful to Andrew in volunteering for this essential task.

Response to Consultation on Core Strategy to 2026

In the very short time allowed, the Society has responded to the Council’s call for views on the draft Core Strategy for the Borough for the next 15 years. Our response to this initial draft may be read by following this link. We will have a chance to make further comments after the Council’s first revision; we will take into account any views expressed by our members in the intervening period. The final version will then be submitted to the Secretary of State by Solihull Council.

On 9th December 2010 The Knowle Society submitted its formal response (see attachment below) to Solihull Council’s draft Emerging Core Strategy Consultation.


Call for your views on the Council’s new Local Development Framework

The Council’s long term development plan (the ‘UDP’) for the future of Solihull runs out in 2011 and is to be replaced by an updated version (called the Local Development Framework, or ‘LDF’) which will run until 2026. The Society would value your thoughts on the proposals included in the LDF (and those that are not but should be). Please use the ‘forum’ (follow link on the right) to let us know.

The ‘Emerging Core Strategy Consultation Document’ of the LDF is available at in the list on the right hand side of the page and copies of the supporting documents are also listed there. Printed copies are also available for study at libraries and at Solihull Connect. You can also send your comments directly to the Council, but we would appreciate a copy (on the Forum or sent to Council Officers will be available for discussions at Knowle Library between 2:45 and 6:45 on Thursday 28th October.

Letter to Planning Inspectorate about Stripes Hill Marina Planning Application

The Society has written to the Inspector in advance of the intended hearing, following appeal against initial rejection of this application.

The Knowle Society has written to the Planning Inspector reiterating and expanding the objections raised by the Society in its original letter to Solihull Council. This action follows an appeal by the applicant against the rejection of the application by Solihull Council.

Windmill Letter

Hall Farm development approved

Following negotiations over various legal matters and work to be done to public items, such as the widening of the footpath from Knowle to the site, the development of this site is now expected to proceed.

The Knowle Society has expressed its satisfaction with the plans for this site, which it believes will be an enhancement to the area. See SMBC Planning Application Decision: 2009/72/S.