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The Council recognises that residential backland developments [‘windfall’ sites in already developed areas such as back gardens] have a role to play in delivering housing targets for the borough. However, they also have the potential of creating significant adverse impacts in the communities where they are located.
It has therefore published a Supplementary Planning Document which is intended to explain how backland and related infill developments can be designed to protect and enhance existing residential areas.  It is asking for comments on this document before adopting it as part of the planning rules.

You can find the document here :-

Knowle Transport Study

The ‘Knowle Transport Study’ is a report provided to Solihull Council by external specialists who modelled traffic volumes around Knowle in 2026 and 2036, assuming proposed housing developments went ahead, and considered what actions might be taken to relieve congested junctions.

In the Society’s Webinar on 15th February, Dave Pinwell summarised the key elements of this report, having digested all 132 pages. The full report can be viewed here.

If you missed it, you can watch the recording  and understand what will be key issues for Knowle’s future. You may want to look at some of the slides Dave used to study them in greater detail.

If you have any observations to make about what you see/hear, please let Dave know your thoughts –


What would the effect of proposed new housing on traffic in Knowle be? Will the crossroads by the Wilson Arms and the Sweet Shop become a permanent peak hours snarl-up?
After the success of our January online meeting in the series entitled ‘Foreseeable Future?’ the spotlight turns to the report commissioned by our Council – ‘Knowle Transport Study’. It predicts traffic volumes and hot spots should the two proposed sites be developed as projected in the Local Plan and examines possible approaches to mitigating peak hour congestion.
At 132 pages, the report is a monster and Dave Pinwell has read it so that you don’t need to. Given that the impact of future development on village centre traffic is a major concern to Knowle residents, the report raises questions on which our community must have its voice heard.
Join us online from 7.30pm to 8.30pm on Monday 15th February when Dave will summarise the report and its findings and give an opportunity for you to share your reactions to it.
The meeting will again be using the Webinar Version of Zoom, for which installation of the widely used Zoom App (Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS) is recommended.

Places are limited, so book your place today here.


The Council has outlined plans for the creation of a new forest in Solihull. 

The new forest, called Arden Forest, would create a diverse and continuous green corridor through the Borough of Solihull and the Meriden Gap.  It follows on from the Council’s Climate Change Prospectus and the ‘Planting Our Future’ campaign, which aims to see at least 250,000 trees planted in the borough over the next 10 years. 

For more details, click here:-