Changes at the 2008 AGM

Several of the Society’s long-standing Trustee Directors stood down or moved to different roles at the AGM on 24th November and two new Directors were elected. The Society also announced that it is offering a new membership category of Corporate Member.

The new Officers are: Chairman – Peter Ewin; Deputy Chairman – Leighton Jones; Treasurer – Peter Johnson and Secretary – Andrew Marston. New chairmen of committees are Janet Erzen – History and Charles Robinson – Meetings & Social. Derek Mellor continues as Membership Secretary but has stepped down as a Trustee Director. The new membership category of Corporate Member (with one vote) has been set with a subscription of five times the current family membership, i.e. 5 x 5 pounds = 25 pounds.

Call for volunteers

There are one or two current needs in the Society’s sub-committees. If you would like to explore how you could help now or perhaps at a future date, with no obligation at all, please drop an email to the Chairman.

Membership tops 3000!

The Knowle Society has achieved a quite remarkable membership figure for a community of the size of Knowle and is delighted that so many people have shown interest in its aims and work.

The Society has achieved half of these 3000 members, largely through the diligent recruiting work of Martin Warr. It also reflects the hard work of many people over the last 45 years who have built up the work of the various sections including, planning, community services, local history and natural history and who have maintained parallel programmes of interesting walks, talks, outings and publications. This heady total is vulnerable to erosion when subscription time comes around as inevitably some members will have moved away or died. Martin working in conjunction with the Membership Secretary hopes that he will be able to maintain this figure. Please encourage your friends and neighbours to consider joining The Knowle Society.