Draft revisions of legal documents

The Trustee Directors have been considering revisions to the Society’s Memorandum and Articles of Association which will be placed before members for voting at the AGM at 3pm on Saturday 7th February 2015.

Copies of the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association may be downloaded here. They have been marked up to highlight the changes from the present combined 2005 version, which for completeness is also available here for downloading.

Members are urged to use the opportunity before the AGM to read these revisions and contact the Secretary or Chairman for any clarification wanted.

Knowle Society – Memorandum of Association – Final July 2014 Changes marked

Knowle Society – Articles of Association – Final July 2014 Changes marked

Knowle Society – Memorandum and Articles of Association – Registered copy July 2005

EGM – Single proposition on annual subscriptions

Extraordinary General Meeting – Monday 16 Jun 2014 – 8:00pm

One proposition will be presented by the Trustee Directors:
That this General Meeting approves the proposal that membership subscriptions shall be increased to £5 for a single member and £7 for joint membership from October 2014.

Members who wish to propose an Amendment to the Resolution may do so at the meeting. (This paragraph is an amendment made on 8 May 2014 to the original notice given on 20 April 2014.)

Update from recent AGM

  • Changes to Trustee Directors
  • Intended launch of a Forum for a Neighbourhood Plan for Knowle
  • Funds balance and proposed EGM for subscription increases

John Rowley has retired as a Trustee after eight years’ service, but will still monitor the new flight paths from the airport. He requests that you contact the airport on 0121 767 7433 to report any noisy planes that you are aware of, especially after April when the trial of the new flight paths will start.

Election of Trustees

The following Officers of the Society were re-elected:

Leighton Jones, Chairman;
Bill Bohanna, Deputy Chairman;
David Watson, Treasurer.

Kate Stables was elected as Secretary, having served as a co-opted member.

Trustee Director elections:

Cheryl Steventon was elected as a Trustee and will continue with her work as Publicity Officer.

Charles Robinson & Dave Pinwell were re-elected as Trustees of the Society.

There are two vacancies for Trustees of the Society, any member is eligible for appointment as a co-opted Trustee. We have a specific vacancy for a chairman to lead the very active Natural Environment Committee. Anyone interested in this position or joining the Board of Trustees without portfolio please contact the chairman – prefix @knowlesociety.org.uk with ‘chairman’ to learn more about what is on offer. [address disguised to avoid spam.]

The Society is to launch a Forum to lead the establishment of a Neighbourhood Plan for Knowle. Look out for details of the public meeting to elect the members of the forum. Anyone living or working in the Village is eligible to attend the meeting and to stand as a forum member. Come along and make your contribution to the future of Knowle.

The Society’s funds are healthy, but the major projects that are under way will require increased funding. The Trustees will be putting forward a motion to increase the subscriptions at an Extraordinary General Meeting in June.

3500th member

Leighton Jones (Chairman) presents 3500th member certificate to David Hofton (right)

The Knowle Society is proud to announce that it has now reached over 3,500 members, thanks largely to the sterling work done by our recruitment team and Martin Warr in particular.

Our 3,500th member is David Hofton, a Director of Hunters Estate Agents. David said: “Having worked for over 20 years at Hunters in Knowle, I felt it long overdue to join the Knowle Society who do such a sterling job in preserving the character of the Village and the local environment through such changing times.”

We have come a long way since the Society first started in 1962 with the aim of preserving the character of the village. We believe that we are the second largest Civic Society in terms of paying members in the country. Reaching 3,500 members is a fantastic achievement and will ensure that our voices continue to be heard on issues that matter to the residents and businesses of Knowle.

Membership as at August 2013 has now risen to 3600!