You will probably have had emails from other organisations telling you about the updates to their Privacy Policy.  It will not surprise you that we have been doing the same.  Our Policy can be found at :-

While there have been very few changes in what we do and how, we are now required to tell you about our practices, hence the new Policy!

We keep your data to process your membership application and administer your ongoing membership, such as your subscriptions and delivery of your Newsletters.  These all come under the heading of a ‘legitimate interest’, in other words, without you providing the minimum information and us keeping it, you cannot be a member of the Society!

One use that we do make of your email address is to send you these emails.  We have taken the same approach as many other organisations, in that we have assumed that you are willing to receive them, as you have not asked not to.  If this is NOT so, please click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of this email and we will stop sending them to you.  We will keep your email address in order to contact you about your membership, but not send these general emails.

If there is any more information you would like about this area, please let me know.  There’s lots!


Refreshments provided.

This is your chance to hear what the Society is involved in and to contribute.  Elections will take place for the Officers and some Trustees.  We would be very keen to have nominations for any of the posts, so please let us know if you or anyone else might be interested.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Knowle Conservation Area which covers the High Street and adjoining streets. We will have a presentation by Peter Stean and Martin Lander, Trustees of Stamford Civic Society to share thoughts about how the Conservation Area status has benefitted Stamford, the first Conservation Area in the country.

Draft revisions of legal documents

The Trustee Directors have been considering revisions to the Society’s Memorandum and Articles of Association which will be placed before members for voting at the AGM at 3pm on Saturday 7th February 2015.

Copies of the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association may be downloaded here. They have been marked up to highlight the changes from the present combined 2005 version, which for completeness is also available here for downloading.

Members are urged to use the opportunity before the AGM to read these revisions and contact the Secretary or Chairman for any clarification wanted.

Knowle Society – Memorandum of Association – Final July 2014 Changes marked

Knowle Society – Articles of Association – Final July 2014 Changes marked

Knowle Society – Memorandum and Articles of Association – Registered copy July 2005

EGM – Single proposition on annual subscriptions

Extraordinary General Meeting – Monday 16 Jun 2014 – 8:00pm

One proposition will be presented by the Trustee Directors:
That this General Meeting approves the proposal that membership subscriptions shall be increased to £5 for a single member and £7 for joint membership from October 2014.

Members who wish to propose an Amendment to the Resolution may do so at the meeting. (This paragraph is an amendment made on 8 May 2014 to the original notice given on 20 April 2014.)