Those blooming bulbs!


The bulb planting in October was a very successful day due to enthusiastic children, a group of hardworking volunteers, the support of the team from Amey and SMBC, all topped off by the beautiful autumn sunshine.

Almost 40,000 crocus and narcissi were planted and we can now see the beautiful fruits of our labour and of the generosity of those who donated to the bulb-planting fund.

As a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, do enjoy the many more photos taken during the planting and more recently showing the bulbs in full bloom. There is also a short piece on the bulb planting in a video put together by the Council.

Bulb planting and blooming – photo montage

Large ash tree lost to a root fungus

The wonderful ash tree that stood at the corner of the churchyard, school entrance and car park was regrettably deemed an incurable victim of root fungal rotting (Ganoderma) and because of its particularly public position could not be allowed to remain as a known risk.

Bulbs – shooting up, please help us complete the funding

It is great news that the appeal for funding this year’s planned bulb planting is now two thirds of the way there, helped in part (£260) by the coffee morning kindly run by Barclays Bank. Please help us to reach our target of £3500 as soon as possible so we can plant in time for next Spring’s flowering. See here for full details of the project and how to contribute to it.

Spot the connection – Banking, Bulbs & Coffee

Those lovely Spring bulbs that we all enjoy each year on our roadside verges have caught the imagination of the staff at Barclays Bank in Knowle. They have invited everyone to join them for a coffee morning at the bank, behind the bus shelter on Knowle Green, from 10am on Friday 8th May. They will be serving coffee and cakes that they have baked themselves in aid of The Knowle Society’s project to plant up the verges of all the main access roads into Knowle. Thank you to the bank staff for their kind support of this project.

A Host of Golden Daffodils…(and crocuses and snowdrops) for Knowle

We are planning to plant bulbs in the grass verges along all the main road entrances into Knowle to provide a colourful and welcoming scene every spring. Our vision is that, by extensive planting of spring flowering bulbs we will create an impressive and beautiful annual display lasting several months.

The proposal is, that over a four-year period, all five of the main entrances to Knowle, will be planted with a mixture of snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils.

We ask you to support this ambitious project to enhance our beautiful village. We are very fortunate, as Amey, main contractor to Solihull Council, has offered to undertake the necessary groundwork free of charge. However, we do need donations to cover the purchasing of the bulbs.

We have estimated that the cost of purchasing the bulbs required to complete the four year project will be approximately £15,000, £3,500 each year.

All donors will, unless they request otherwise, be acknowledged in the Knowle Society Newsletter. If you would like to donate in memory of a loved one, we can include their name. We can accept donations by cheque, by bank transfer, online or by cash.

For further details of the Knowle Entrance Enhancement Project and how to donate to this project see the Natural Environment page. Alternatively you can give here through our direct link to CAF Donate.