Changed Aircraft Flight Paths at Birmingham Airport

As reported in recent Knowle Society Newsletters, the Airport Flight Paths to the South are due to be altered. Trials are due to take place over the coming months to judge the effect on local communities, these trial routes will be varied and a final decision will be taken on the routes to be implemented. We strongly recommend that you contact the Airport regarding flights that are off track or more noisy than normal. The number to ring is 0121 767 7433. It is important that Knowle residents are aware that the trials are taking place and should register their concerns.

Millennium Post – Where has all the ivy gone?

The millennium post erected by the Knowle Society outside the Guild House has gradually been overwhelmed by ivy growing up it, until the sculpture on the top was in danger of being lost. Two Society members spent a profitable hour last Wednesday (26th March 2014) clearing the ivy to reveal the post as it was erected. Those who liked some ivy can be relieved that the roots have been left, so it will gradually come back.


The work revealed that the sculpture has cracks so is in need of repair and also needs repainting. If anyone who has experience of this type of specialist work would like to volunteer, we’d be very happy from you.

Wombling at Wychwood!

The Society’s first ‘Litter Pick’ of 2014 will take place on Monday 3rd March 10:30 at the Wychwood island. All welcome – litter pickers, black sacks and high-visibility tops will be provided.

Parking enforcement gets its teeth

The honeymoon is over. As many members observed, the Society helped the Council staff introduce people parking their cars to the new ‘free and display’ parking scheme in Knowle. From that time infringements have received only ‘warning’ notices. From Monday 6th January these notices will be backed up with actual penalties!