50mm yellow lines in the High Street

Solihull Council, with the support of local councillors, has agreed to The Knowle Society’s request that the Council should repaint the yellow lines in the High Street with the much narrower 50mm lines permitted within Conservation Areas. This follows the recent resurfacing work in the High Street which covered over most existing road markings.

Village Plan gets a leader

The Chairman of The Knowle Society, Peter Ewin, announced today that Andrew Marston (pictured) will take the lead in developing a possible Village Plan for Knowle. The Society recently sought a volunteer from within the community to lead this important development and is pleased to receive this offer from someone so well qualified to get the ball rolling.

I am delighted to be able to inform members and others that Andrew Marston, our secretary and member of the planning committee, has volunteered to progress matters as leader on the projected Village Plan. That means that for the time being he will liaise with the Council and assess what exactly the Plan should cover. I must emphasise that the Plan when and if completed will ‘belong’ to the village although Knowle Society seems the appropriate organisation to start the ball rolling.

Andrew will need help from as many other well qualified and enthusiastic people as possible and volunteers from members and non-members of the Society are urgently requested to come forward. Andrew has said that should somebody else come forward with the drive and knowledge to ‘lead the team’ he would in principle be happy to hand over to that person but will continue for as long as needed. I think we should all be grateful to Andrew in volunteering for this essential task.

Revised bus timetable available

The timetable for S2 and S3 buses was subject to several amendments on 26th July 2010. A summary of this updated timetable is available from this website in a new format which provides more detail than given previously whilst remaining in a compact form – follow the link Community/Buses.

New buses and new timetable


A new summary bus timetable is available on this site (follow links for Community and Buses).

New buses will be running from Monday 7th June to a new timetable. This is broadly similar to the previous timetable but a significant change is the apparent loss of evening services. The Knowle Society has been advised that this is not the intention and that the draft timetable will be corrected to reflect this. Earlier we also reported that there would be a reduction by half of Sunday services; this statement was an error on the part of The Knowle Society for which we apologise.

New parking restriction rescinded

Councillor Jeff Potts has passed to The Knowle Society a letter he has received from Toby Wilson, Parking Services Manager at SMBC indicating the Council’s intentions with respect to the recently amended parking restrictions in Knowle’s car parks.

Thank you for your [Jeff Potts’s] recent emails regarding the new signs in the Knowle car parks, I am sorry to hear these have caused the confusion and distress experienced over the last week. Given the nature of the feedback from the residents you have described we have clarified our position with our legal services. I am arranging to have the no return condition removed from the signs, no later than Monday 25 January 2010, by having a small overlay placed over the ‘No return on same day’ and the associated part in the information section.

We will also not enforce any ‘No Return’ contravention in any of these car parks while this amendment is outstanding. Upon completion vehicles will be permitted to return to any part of the car park once the maximum stay has been exceeded. Should a vehicle remain in the same bay for a period longer than the maximum stay advertised they may be liable for a PCN. I would also like to advise you that we have not issued any Penalty Charge Notices in Knowle for returning to the same car park in the same day.

I hope this will resolve the situation for you and the residents in the area. I would like to highlight that parking restrictions and enforcement in these car parks is intended to support the residents, visitors and business within the village centre by ensuring parking is available. I would also welcome any further feedback you have either from yourselves or residents that may be useful in managing these car parks to support the village centre. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 0121 704 6111.