Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) is launching a project to gain a better understanding of the experience of mobility and immobility from the perspective of people living in the West Midlands. They are interested in learning more about what transport, mobility and immobility means to different people; what role ‘being mobile’ plays in people’s lives, and what challenges or opportunities people experience with regards to mobility.



The Council has reviewed the plans for increased on-street parking restrictions and has amended SOME of them following comments from residents and businesses in Knowle. [Some of the comments were contradictory.] The notice (see below) is being published around the affected areas and the new yellow lines and signs will be installed in the next two weeks. Full details can be found on the Council website following the link in blue below.


The Metropolitan Borough of Solihull (Knowle Village)

(Various On-Street Parking Restrictions) Order 2018

The Council has made this Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended, the Traffic Management Act 2004 and the Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area and Special Parking Area) (Metropolitan Borough of Solihull) Order 2007, where applicable, and all other enabling powers. The reasons for this Order can be obtained by written request from the address below; or by inspecting the documents at Solihull Connect, Library Square, Touchwood, Solihull during normal opening hours or via
A copy of the Order is available upon request. Anyone wishing to question the validity or provisions of the Order should apply to the High Court within six weeks from the date that the Order became effective. The Order, which comes into force on 31 August 2018, will introduce the following:

Total Prohibition of Waiting (At Any Time)

Lodge Road (western side) – fronting no. 20 as detailed in Order Plan 8247/4A.

Longdon Road (southern side) – short section located north-west of no.7 as detailed in Order Plan 8247/4A.

St Johns Close – along the entire perimeter of the central green area and along individual various lengths as detailed in Order Plan 8247/1A.

St Lawrence Close – various short lengths as detailed in Order Plan 8247/3A.

Station Road – short section between nos. 22 to 26. Various short lengths fronting nos. 1 to 51. Short section fronting 1702/1704 Warwick Road as detailed in Order Plan 8247/2A.

Prohibition of Waiting (Monday to Saturday – 8.00am to 6.00pm)

Lodge Road (western side) – from southern boundary of no. 30 to northern boundary of no. 98 as detailed in Order Plan 8247/4A.

Prohibition of Waiting (Monday to Friday – 8.00am to 9.00am and 3.00pm to 4.00pm)

St Lawrence Close – various short lengths as detailed in Order Plan 8247/3A.

Revocation of Existing Limited Waiting (Monday to Saturday – 8.00am to 6.00pm – 1 Hour No Return Within 1 Hour

Station Road (northern side) – fronting nos. 26 to 38 as detailed in Order Plan 8247/2A.


Chief Executive

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Manor Square, Solihull, B91 3QB

24 August 2018


As you may well know, the Council passed a proposal in June to remove all free parking in the car parks in Knowle.

Once this became known, the Society and others strongly objected to the proposals and to the complete lack of consultation with the Society or with the local traders.  We have since been working with our Councillors and Council Officers to ameliorate the impact.  As a result, the Council agreed to review the position and has come up with three alternative charging schemes.  These are to be put to the reconvened Committee on Thursday and we hope that at least some free parking period will be accepted.

The revised proposals are:-

 Option A – Proceed with the original scheme to remove the 2 hour free period and introduce a 20p per hour charge for the first two hours.

 Option B – Retain a free 1 hour period and introduce a 40p charge for the second hour, and increase the existing charge for the other tariff bands by 20p.

 Option C – Retain a free 30 minute period and introduce a 20p per hour charge across the rest of the tariff bands up to 6 hours.

The responsible Officer has recommended that Option C be chosen.  Andrew Marston, our Chairman, will be addressing the Committee and strongly urging that Option B be chosen.  We hope that this will be supported by our Councillors.

Brown bin problems

Recent problems with brown bins splitting has lead to a delay in replacement.

Knowle Library has been able to provide temporary help.

“If your brown recycling bin is cracked then the library now holds a supply of brown recycling bags which you can collect from us.
Please ensure you report your broken bin.”

See more about the story here.


The Council are proposing to make an additional charge of 20p/hr for the first two hours of parking in Knowle car parks.
This has been brought forward with little consultation with local Councillors and NONE with the Society or local traders, all of whom were involved in the recent changes to the free period. 
 No other areas outside the Town Centre are subject to this increase.  The Society are very strongly objecting to the proposal and the way in which it has been ‘handled’.

The detailed proposals are in the Council Minutes at:

See Item 6 and Appendix E