What can be done to rejuvenate the High Street?

Empty premises and reduced footfall in our village centre are a concern to the Society and our local business owners. Dave Pinwell has been running a survey of local people to gather their thoughts on how often they use the local shops and restaurants and what would attract both them and visitors to stop more often. If you have not taken part yet, why not do so now and add your voice at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSexIrqoTguUFAaccMpMCQGquFCcwXYqjzQeupFeQfmrGwkVIQ/viewform


ALL RESULTS FOR SOLIHULL WARDS ARE AVAILABLE FROM – http://www.solihull.gov.uk/About-the-Council/Voting/Election-results/Local-results-2019


Candidate Party No. of Votes
JOHNSON Simon Martin Labour Party 187
PINWELL Dave The Conservative Party Candidate 1386
REBEIRO Alan Stephen Independent 1415
ROGERS Antony Richard Liberal Democrats 198
WILSON Alison Natasha Green Party 239

Duly Elected:  REBEIRO Alan Stephen

Independent HOLD

Dorridge and Hockley Heath

Candidate Party No. of Votes
BRITTIN David Jon Labour Party 202
FAIRBURN Paul Martin Liberal Democrats 406
MACKIEWICZ Andy The Conservative Party Candidate 1968
MCINTYRE Iona Elizabeth Jean Green Party 518

Duly Elected:  MACKIEWICZ Andy

Conservative HOLD


The campaign to increase the free period for parking in Knowle car parks has borne fruit and the new charges are in place.  The new charges are:-

Knowle Car Parks  – Monday to Saturday
(Including Bank Holidays) 8.00am – 6.00pm
Total Duration Cost
Up to 1 hour Free
1 to 2 hours 40p
2 to 3 hours £1.20
3 to 4 hours £2.20
4 to 6 hours £3.20
Over 6 hours £4.00

Please note that the signs are incorrect, in that they give the method for paying as if it only applies for parking over 3 hours.  It should be for over 1 hour.
Please make the most of your free hour to visit the shops and traders in the village.


Following the removal of the tree outside the Library, the Society is working in partnership with the Council to improve the approach to the Library and provide a flexible space for multiple uses.