The audience for June’s Knowle Society talk on 18 June is certain to go home amused and entertained, having listened to a speaker who collects ‘Tuneful Tubes’ likes others collect coins or comic books.
David Wornham has a collection of over 300 musical pipes and he never comes to a speaking engagement without a boot full.
From playing cornet in the school orchestra and local town band, through bugle and military flute in the Army Cadet Force, he now plays in four local concert bands and is a dab hand at the euphonium.
But he cannot pick up a pipe without trying to get a sound out of it and his light hearted world-wide history of musical wind instruments talk will be richly illustrated by the sound of instruments from the pride of the classical orchestra to one improvised from a length of hose.
All are welcome to join us at 8pm on 18 June in the Village Hall for what promises to be a most memorable evening.

Our apologies to those who came last month expecting to be enlightened about the ‘Value of Trees’.  We have been unable to contact the speaker who didn’t turn up, so must assume that something dramatic has happened to him.

EVENING WALK Wed 20th June

It’s a busy week next week!  The next Society walk is on Wed next week, starting at 7pm from Ye Olde Saracen’s Head, Balsall Common.  It will be 3 to 4 miles long across the fields (depending on the weather and our enthusiasm).  All are welcome to join us and perhaps have refreshment in the pub at the end.
Lifts available from Knowle – ring me on 01564 773894.

Save the Date

This year marks the golden jubilee of the Knowle Conservation Area.  We were one of the very first areas to achieve this status and it has been very useful in preserving the quality of the centre of the village.

We are marking this anniversary with an event in the middle of the village on Saturday 21st July, with activities and entertainment.  More news to come!

The High Street BT phone box

As a consequence of the major reduction in the use of BT telephone boxes, the box on the High Street was due to be removed.  As it was part of the character of the High Street, the Society thought that it would be a good idea if it could be preserved.  We have therefore ‘adopted’ it.  One of the conditions is that it should be refurbished to BT standards.  This has proved to be a major job, but it is nearly completed.  The box will then become an information point for the village.


When the Council decided some seven years ago to close our Library on Saturday afternoons, the Society decided to keep it open using Volunteers from the membership.  This has been very successful and much appreciated by the public.  The volunteers also find it very satisfying and a pleasant way of spending the occasional Saturday afternoon.
The Society is now looking for additional volunteers to help maintain the extra hours on Saturdays in Knowle Library between 12:45 and 15:00.  You would be partnered with another volunteer about once every 5/6 weeks on dates that suit you. The limited training required would of course be provided.
For more information ring Bill Bohanna on 01564 739390