Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in December 2009

A brief report of matters discussed at the most recent committee meeting. Discussion on Society matters is welcomed on the ‘Forum’.

1. KGCP – The Society will now take the lead in application for grants for this project.

2. Cycle Routes – The Society has submitted its response to SMBC in respect of its consultation on cycle routes. See news item on home page.

3. Christmas Lights – This event was considered a great success. The logistics and safety aspects were reviewed for future events.

4. AGM – New format very well received. Draft Minutes and Agenda to be published in the newsletter and website in advance of future AGMs.

5. The new Civic Society Initiative – The Society is considering its position with respect to membership of this new body.

6. Planning – Solihull MBC Planning Committee is expected to consider the marina applications this month. The Sainsbury planning application is likely to take place in January. Waitrose is expected to hold a public meeting in the same month. The Society is maintaining a close watch on all these projects and is playing an active part at each stage.

7. Community Services – Solihull MBC is to be approached about the worn out markings in the entries and exits of the car parks in Knowle.