Matters discussed by the Trustee Directors in January 2010

A brief report of matters discussed at the most recent committee meeting. Feedback on Society matters is welcomed on our online ‘Forum’.

1. The was no news to report on the Knowle Green Community Project however activity was stirring again with a steering group meeting due on 28th January.

2.The Society was represented at a meeting with Centro on local buses when strong concerns on performance were expressed. The Society recommended that Centro should carry out a local questionnaire as is being undertaken in the north of the West Midlands area but should not be wholly dependent on the Internet for responses.

3. Following the demise of the Civic Trust with which the Society was registered, there has been considerable activity in setting up a new organisation called the Civic Societies Initiative, however The Knowle Society has major concerns about the funding of this organisation which would hit a society such as ours exceptionally hard because we have both a large membership and a very low membership fee. The Trustee Directors (TDs) have made their feelings known to the fledgling body and now await, with little expectation of success, the possible revision of membership terms to be more favourable to a society such as ours. Membership of this new body is therefore very unlikely and the Society will continue to work strongly with the continuing regional organisation WestMASA which was set up under the old Civic Trust’s auspices and which addresses our local concerns and need for mutual contact with other similar societies.

4. The TDs considered how the Society communicated with members and how member feedback and input is elicited and the routes available for that feedback. The TDs affirmed the paramount importance of member input and proposed some actions in support of this. It was also noted that TDs are representatives not delegates therefore they are elected to make up their own minds on issues to the benefit of Knowle rather than promote the opinions of others. The next newsletter will remind members of how they may contact the Society.

5.The St John’s Close Redevelopment project is uppermost in the concern of the Society at this time and following the public meetings being held by Kimberley Developments on 15/16 January, The Knowle Society will be reviewing all the relevant material and then arranging its own public meeting in which members and others can express their opinions and explore further issues and concerns that they may have on this proposal.

6. 2012 sees the Golden Jubilee of The Knowle Society and also the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen. Over the next few months the Society will consider how best it might celebrate these events and support special community activities. The History committee agreed to look into the possibility of publishing a history of the Society at that time, something that many similar societies of similar age are also considering.

7. It was agreed that a change to the date of AGMs from 2011 onwards should be formally proposed at the 2010 AGM (as was first raised with members at the 2009 AGM).

8. Reports from the various committees were received and noted. A particular concern was expressed that some newsletter distributors had still not received their newsletters from their bulk distributor. Whereas the particular problems arising from the current icy and snowy spell were recognised, it was resolved that a mechanism for gaining feedback on the end distribution process should be explored, so as to enable timely rectification if similar delays were to arise in future. The need for a revised A5 promotional leaflet was acknowledged and action was agreed.

9. Under Any Other Business it was suggested that perhaps the Society should consider the awarding of Life Membership to especially deserving members. The TDs welcomed the idea and agreed to give further thought to the matter.

Air your views on the proposed St Johns Close redevelopment

As a contribution to the public discussion of this major new proposal we have opened up new discussion threads in our ‘Forum’ (use the link on the right of the home page).

Your comments apart from being of interest to other people browsing this site will also assist the Trustee of The Knowle Society in forming its own response to this major new proposal. All comments made are moderated first to ensure that they are not inappropriate or detrimental to the good name of the Society but it is not our intention otherwise to stifle genuine opinions. These opinions may inform whatever view the Society might take finally in responding to a possible planning application.

Tetra Pak recycling

We apologise that we incorrectly reported in our January 2010 newsletter that Tetra Paks cannot be recycled in Solihull

There are four places where Tetra Paks can be recycled in the Borough of Solihull: 1. Tudor Grange Sports Centre car park, 2. North Solihull Sports Centre car park, Conway Road, 3. Bickenhill Household Waste Recycling Centre and 4. Tesco Notcutts, Stratford Road, Shirley. There are therefore no places in Knowle where Tetra Paks can be recycled.