Any Questions? – Could it have been Any Better?


A hugely successful evening and a fitting event to mark the Society’s 50th anniversary.

The BBC and Jonathan Dimbleby did us proud by producing a really enjoyable event and some lively and good natured panelists, Arden School did us proud by its kind hospitality and very creditable ‘sixth formers’ who both looked after parking and welcoming and also contributed a cracking warm-up question for the panel. Lastly we had a full house with a great audience of members and local community (including a 14 year old questionner) who entered fully into the spirit of the programme and clearly had a very special evening. So could it have been any better? We think not and hope that those of you who came and listened on the radio felt the same.

Jonathan Dimbleby and the Producer Victoria Wakely

Panelists in group photo (L to R): Mark Littlewood (Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs), Kwasi Kwarteng (Conservative MP and historian), Jonathan Dimbleby, Tristram Hunt (Historian and Labour MP), Caroline Lucas (Green Party leader and MP).

The full and expectant audience of 400 in Arden Academy’s main hall.

Photos – courtesy