How well do you know Knowle – try our photo quiz?


Our 2008 Social Event was a quiz night held on 20th October at Knowle

Village Hall. Why not try it yourself


Fifty seven people in 10 teams took part in a close fought competition, the winning team triumphing by just one point. One challenge was to identify some of the notable buildings in the centre of Knowle from a set of photographs of small parts of them.

The results were:
Hit & Miss 64; Martin 54; Pick ‘n’ Mix 65; The Dough Boys ‘n’ Girls 55; The Utopians 56; OddBods 68; Chantry Heathens 74; Last Lot 70; Enigma 71; Throstles & Robins 73

Click on the link for the quiz questions. To see the answers go to the news item above.

Answers to the Picture Quiz

Click on the link for the answers to the questions in the item below – but don’t do it until you have tried the questions first!