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Contact us

The society welcomes your opinion on relevant affairs and would also be pleased to hear from people able to contribute to the work of the specialist committees or wanting further information. To contact any of the following by email please use the prefix listed below (in the blue shaded boxes) followed by for example 

or simply click on the blue link.

All names listed below are Trustee Directors (unless marked *).

All Trustee Directors are included in this list.


Chairman Andrew Marston chairman
Deputy Chairman Dave Pinwell deputychairman
Secretary Maria Brown secretary
Membership secretary Leighton Jones membership
Community Liaison Bill Bohanna liaison
Community Services Lilla Baker communityservices
Natural Environment Committee Elizabeth (Liz) Hulse environment
Local History Committee (Local History Centre & Archive) Janet Eržen  


Events Committee (Meetings & Social) Dave Pinwell events
Newsletter Editor Dave Pinwell newsletter
Newsletter Distribution Anne Smith * distribution
Planning Committee Andrew Marston planning
Parking Bill Bohanna parking
Treasurer David Watson treasurer
Village Greens Leighton Jones villagegreens
Village Plan Andrew Marston villageplan
Walks Leighton Jones walks
Web Site Administrator David Watson webadmin
Without portfolio Angela Bird & Martin Warr -

Publicity                                                       Vacant                         publicity