Anyone who has been through Knowle Park lately and paid any attention to the playground, especially if you had a child with you, must have been aware of the very poor state of the area and especially the equipment. A community led initiative has been started seeking to refurbish and upgrade the Park Playground.  The project team want to hear your hopes, fears and ideas.  If you are favour of this project, PLEASE make a donation (see below). No matter how small, every donation shows that there is widespread support and helps to open the doors to other funding.

If you would like to donate to the project please click here:- 

Donations are already being received from the public; Knowle Society has allocated £5,000 to support the project; an application will be made for support from funds raised from developers and charities are being approached for financial assistance, but every pound helps, so please be generous.

Open the link below to see more of the initial thoughts and then complete the short anonymous survey to help in the design:- 

Who should fill in the survey… 

>Residents with Kids (your own or borrowed)
>Children / Youths who want to register what they want
>No Children but love the park and want a say in how it is developed
>Residents backing onto the park with an interest in any development proposals.

The Survey will take no more than 5 Minutes to complete.  Open the link below to complete the survey. The more people who complete it, the better the project and the more likely is success.

Complete the survey here:-