TALES OF A FARMER’S WIFE (with cheese samples!)

Jane Barnes is a hands-on farmer’s wife who helps run a family dairy farm near Melton Mowbray, where a herd of 160 Pedigree Ayrshire cows produce milk for cheese production. The farm is one of those supplying the Long Clawson Dairy co-operative, the principal producer of Stilton cheese for over a hundred years. 

It is varied and challenging work which has led her into the world of ‘digital’ (how to code the cows) and even taken her, two years ago, to New England, for the World Ayrshire Conference and the opportunity to rub shoulders and share insights with breeders from all over the world. 

Her well illustrated and amusing talks about the farm, looking after the cows and turning their grass consumption into award winning cheese have made her a popular figure on the speaker circuit across the Midlands and now she is coming, cheese samples in hand, to Knowle.


Jane will be the Knowle Society’s guest speaker on Monday 20th May at 8pm in Knowle Village Hall. All are welcome.

What can be done to rejuvenate the High Street?

Empty premises and reduced footfall in our village centre are a concern to the Society and our local business owners. Dave Pinwell has been running a survey of local people to gather their thoughts on how often they use the local shops and restaurants and what would attract both them and visitors to stop more often. If you have not taken part yet, why not do so now and add your voice at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSexIrqoTguUFAaccMpMCQGquFCcwXYqjzQeupFeQfmrGwkVIQ/viewform


Have you wondered what has happened? The bunds were created last year to deter people from driving or camping in the park. This year they have been sprayed with a wildflower mixture in a matrix which will encourage their growth.