Following on from our previous successful efforts of litter picking and tidying up the raised flower beds we are planning to do another one on
Friday October 26th 2018  :  10am – 12.30pm
with the support of Neighbourhood Services S.M.B.C.

Please come along, have some fun and improve the Village

The aims are to again :
1.     Prepare and tidy up the raised  flower beds in the precinct and Lodge/Station Rd  ready for the winter. I am hoping we shall have some snowdrop and crocus bulbs to plant being given by SMBC (Public Realm)

2.     Litter pick particularly around the village centre.

3.     The tubs in the Knot garden and library front (funding for another year to maintain the Garden has  again been promised by Avon Homes, Knowle and Dorridge Lions and Neighbourhood Services )

We shall start about 10am and finish by at least 2pm. If you can manage an hour or two within these times please let me know and what you prefer to do (emphasis is on the flower beds).

Stella Jarman

The Society has been notified of the death of one of our long-serving Members, Stella Jarman, who was awarded Life Membership of the Society in 2010, for her many years of service for the Society and the community.

Stella Jarman was a founder member of the Society from 1962, she became a Committee member in 1976.  She then formed and chaired the Nature Reserve Sub-Committee from 1980.  Stella resigned from what had become the Nature Conservation Sub-Committee in 2004 although her exceptional knowledge of wild flowers, trees and nature in general was not lost to Knowle as she continued to be very active with the Knowle Conservation Volunteers and as a tree warden for Solihull Council.