Steelhouse Lane Lock Up

The Lock-up is opening its doors for the next series of fundraising open days.

On Saturday 15th September you can explore the old  Steelhouse Lane cells, which held Birmingham City Centre prisoners for 125 years.  View the custody records of some of the former residents and find out about some of our old kit and equipment.
For younger prisoners there are a few fun activities. We have a history quiz, uniform to try on, fingerprinting and lots of pocket money priced items in our shop. You will be let out after your time slot for good behaviour!!
Open day on Saturday 15th September – or subscribe to to be notified of future dates if you can’t make this one
Do you want to learn a bit more about the history of the Lock-up and policing during the past 50 years?
Then why not come to our adult’s only evening tour on the 15th September – 5-7pm.
There will be 4 mini talks on policing included along with a chance to browse the cells, see the museum display and visit the shop to help our fundraising in support of our plans to bring the whole WMP museum to the Lock-up one day.
Evening talk Saturday 15th September 5-7pm including talks on the history of the Lock-up,  policing during WW2 and during the 60s & 70s.

Any further queries please contact:
Corinne Brazier


Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) is launching a project to gain a better understanding of the experience of mobility and immobility from the perspective of people living in the West Midlands. They are interested in learning more about what transport, mobility and immobility means to different people; what role ‘being mobile’ plays in people’s lives, and what challenges or opportunities people experience with regards to mobility.