Forthcoming events

13 June 2016 - 8:00pm[No talk this month]
22 June 2016 - 7:00pmHampton in Arden Arboretum and Church Walk

Clean for the Queen & the Knowle Fun Run

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Along with groups all over the borough and the country, the Society arranged a day to clean the central area of our local community as part of this national initiative in celebration of The Queen's 90th birthday. On Thursday 12th May 2016 around 20 volunteers collected litter, painted benches and cared for the Precinct flower beds.

Those blooming bulbs!


The bulb planting in October was a very successful day due to enthusiastic children, a group of hardworking volunteers, the support of the team from Amey and SMBC, all topped off by the beautiful autumn sunshine.

Almost 40,000 crocus and narcissi were planted and we can now see the beautiful fruits of our labour and of the generosity of those who donated to the bulb-planting fund.

Lost walkers!

Because of the late change in meeting venue for last Sunday's walk, half the walkers didn't get to join the official walk and did their own instead. We apologise for the mix-up and have taken steps to reduce this risk in future. See full apology.

Call for help at Fun Run


The Society has helped to provide marshals in recent years but more are needed please.