This will be the subject of the talk on MONDAY 15 APRIL, 8pm at Knowle Village Hall – all welcome.  It will be given by the Founder, Jan Harrigan.

Jan began the Centre after a beautiful male swan crash landed, and as a result had a broken wing. Fortunately for this swan Jan nursed him back to health. Little did she realise that this would be the birth of Wychbold Swan Rescue, and a lifetime’s work for which she would be honoured in 2004 with the MBE by her Majesty the Queen.


You may remember that we encouraged you to recycle your Christmas Cards this year.  This is the result!!

The team at Thomas Bragg & Sons Funeral Directors in Solihull collected a staggering 30,000 Christmas cards for recycling to raise funds for St Giles Hospice.
They smashed their 10,000 target as news of their collection spread through social media, posters, newsletters and even a man who stood up on a local bus and urged passengers to take their cards to Thomas Bragg’s.
Thrilled Funeral Arranger Kayleigh Hughes explained: “After a successful Christmas Card collection of 5,112 cards from 2017, this year we aimed to receive 10,000 cards.
“We decided again this year that for every 2,000 cards we collected we would dedicate a new tree via The Woodland Trust. One tree can provide 8,333 sheets of paper and we have now dedicated a quarter of an acre of woodland at Uffmoor Wood.
“All the cards were taken to St Giles Hospice where they are being turned into cash. Next year, I would love to collect even more!”
Kayleigh thanked local businesses including Sainsbury’s in Shirley, One Stop and Tesco in Knowle as well as The Knowle Society and local churches for promoting their collection.
She added: “We cannot thank the community enough for their support, the response has been amazing. We emptied the collection box at Knowle Parish Church four times and we had cards that were delivered by post from Cheshire. Cards are still coming in.
“Most importantly, we had a volunteer who wanted to help count the cards, who brought her children in after school one afternoon to count to show them the importance of charity and how they could help.”
Sally Insley, Community & Corporate Fundraising Manager from St Giles Hospice, said: “We would like to thank Thomas Bragg for their incredible efforts in collecting Christmas cards and gaining the support of the local community.
“It takes a community to a make a hospice and this is a great example of people coming together to help raise funds for such a valuable cause – one person’s trash certainly is another’s treasure.”

What can we do next year?


Following the removal of the tree outside the Library, the Society is working in partnership with the Council to improve the approach to the Library and provide a flexible space for multiple uses.


This 4 mile walk will start at the Black Boy pub on the Warwick Rd at 2pm.  The first part of the walk will be on fields (a few of which will have horses grazing). The second half is on the towpath of the Grand Union Canal.
Park in the overflow car park on the left of the drive – all welcome.
NB, if you are thinking of eating at the pub before the walk you must book, as it’s Mothers Day.  Plenty of chance for a drink afterwards, though.
For more information, contact Mike Fisher on 07973 538632.


At the voting on 14 March, there was an overwhelming vote in favour of adopting the Plan.  5,056 votes were cast in favour, with just 207 voting against and 8 spoilt papers. Over a third of voters actually cast a vote, which is very high for such an event.
This means that the Plan is now a formal part of the Planning Rules and its Policies will have to be taken into account when assessing planning applications.
It also means that the area will now get 25% of any of the Community Infrastructure Levy money that developers will be paying on future qualifying projects.