If you’ve received your Newsletter (if not, it’s on its way) you will have seen the item on this project.  More details are available at:- Preparations are progressing and approaches are being made to various organisations for funding grants and donations.  The main one is for funds that the Council manages and which come from charges placed on new developments in Knowle.  The application has been submitted and we are cautiously hopeful that this will come through.
However, we will need more to enable the project to go ahead.  The first phase needs to be given the go-ahead by the end of October, so time is short.  If you can spare a contribution, small or large, please consider making one at:- Many thanks to those who have already contributed.


On my daily exercise walk this morning I spent much of it dodging the bins put out for collection.  I noticed that many of them were the original light brown bins, but an increasing number were the replacement darker ones.  If yours is the original light brown one and has split it will reach the stage where it cannot be collected.  However, the Council will replace it free of charge if you’ve not recently had a replacement.  To arrange it, go to :-

Solihull Council

Some eagle eyed members may have seen brown bin and black box (glass) waste sometimes being mixed back together at the road side by the refuse collectors. This does not mean that we don’t need to separate glass from other recycling.
We understand that in order to sustain the service across Solihull and keep personnel socially distanced, it was necessary to switch to smaller crews and shorter rounds and to bring in two additional vehicles. The usual brown bin / black box vehicles are ‘split bodied’ with one section for glass and another for the brown bin contents, but no additional ‘split bodied’ vehicles were available. However, if one of the two ‘single bodied’ vehicles is allocated to your recycling round, you will see the contents you have separated being combined for splitting out again at a later stage of the process in an unavoidable temporary measure.


Solihull Council has decided that it will not be holding a traditional Remembrance Sunday service and is insisting that others should not hold services either, due to the current Tier 2 Covid-19 rules.

Knowle Royal British Legion has decided that there will be NO Dedication Ceremony, Laying of Wreaths or Remembrance Day Parade. The Wreaths will be laid individually by the usual organisations and individuals, between the 1st and 7th November.


Some Members will be aware that we have taken a keen interest in an increasing frequency of non-compliance with the conditions in approved planning applications.  Whilst it is outside our ‘patch’, we objected against this appeal as the enlarged development was completely ‘out-of-kilter’ with the shops in Station Approach – a Conservation Area – as well as its location alongside the Station Buildings.
The issue has now been resolved and the owners have been given six months to rectify the situation.  View the details here.